IETF 65 - NOC Information

Dallas, TX, USA

Meeting Dates: March 19-24, 2006

To improve your wireless experience at the meeting the NOC recommends:
1. Bring and use an 802.11a card (but don't leave your 802.11b gear at home)
2. Turn off ad-hoc mode


The NOC team will provide 802.11a & 802.11b wireless access in various parts of the meeting site. However, for the best possible network experience, we recommend that participants also bring wireless equipment that supports '802.11a' due to the fact that '802.11a' technology can be deployed more reliably in very crowded areas. 802.11a wireless cards/usb dongles are available from a large variety of on-line and off-line stores for prices well under US$50.

However, don't leave your 802.11b equipment at home as it might be useful in the outlaying areas of the hotel.

Ad-Hoc Mode

Participation with an ad-hoc networks will ruin your wireless experience and compromise your computer's security. In the past IETF Meetings, one of the most significant issues with wireless performance has been a wireless client automtatically or accidentally intitiating ad-hoc networks that "act" as the official IETF wireless network. This causes other users to associate with false IETF wireless networks. To prevent this you must disable your laptop's ability to create an ad-hoc network, as well as the ability to automatically join an ad-hoc network.

If you need further instructions on how to turn off the ad-hoc mode, please see someone at the Help Desk in the terminal room.