IETF 56 Network Information

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    IP network services are available 24 hours a day during the conference (from Sunday, March 16 at 4 PM to Friday, March 21 at 12 noon). Wireless 802.11a/b access points are located throughout the Ballroom level and in the Lobby and Bar. The California Room on the Ballroom level is set up as the Terminal Room. It features 17 Sunray (tm) workstations, which allow users to save an X session on a smart card, and 116 wired notebook network drops. Smart cards will be given to the first 500 requesters at the Terminal Room Help Desk. In-room Internet access is provided by the hotel to some rooms in Tower 2.

    No firewall separates the IETF-56 network from the outside world. Access to the global IP multicast network is available from Terminal Room wired workstations only.

Security Warning

    Please note that using 802.11 without additional encryption is not private. In particular, do not use protocols with cleartext passwords, such as telnet or non-APOP POP3. Instead, use encrypted protocols such as SSH, SSL or IPsec. It is well-known that people may be sniffing packets on the network. There should be no expectation of privacy when using unencrypted protocols on the IETF-56 network.


    The global IPv6 network is accessible to wired and wireless hosts on the IETF-56 network. Use dynamic auto configuration.

Wireless LAN facts

    The wireless network is fully advertised via DHCP. You may request a static address at the Terminal Room Help Desk. Configure 802.11 to use Managed Mode (NOT Ad Hoc Mode) and SSID "ietf56".
    Mac users MUST disable the Mac's default configuration as a base station. Open "System Preferences"/"Network"/"Show"/"AirPort", and uncheck "Allow this computer to create networks". Click "Apply".

DNSsec and WAVEsec

    DNSsec may be in use on the network. WAVEsec (IPsec over 802.11) may also be available to secure wireless transmissions. Watch for updates.


    Printers in the Terminal Room may be used for single sided paper printouts.

From Windows:
    Select <Start><Settings><Printers and Faxes>. Click the <Add a Printer> icon to start Add Printer Wizard. Select "A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer" option and then click the <Next> button. Select "Connect to this printer" and then enter \\winprint\lp . Click on the <Next> button to continue. Click on the <Yes> button when prompted to connect. (For first-time users, please wait 3-5 minutes for the printer driver to be download, install and apply to your system.)
    To remove mapped printer Select <Start><Settings><Printers and Faxes>. Select "lp on winprint" from a list of mapped network printers. Press the "Delete" key and then click on the <Yes> button to remove printer lp mapping from winprint server.

Unix printcap:

    To print transparencies for overhead projection, you will need to use the printers in the Hotel Business Office (Building Two, Lobby level). Business Office hours are Monday-Friday 6 AM to 6 PM, and Saturday/Sunday 9 AM to 5 PM.

Help Desk

    The Terminal Room Help Desk is located at the back of the Terminal Room (California Room, Ballroom Level) and is staffed 8 AM to 8 PM during the conference. To report trouble, mail

Raw Network Information

IETF-56 IP block:
Recursive DNS servers: ( (
NTP Servers: ( (
DHCP Servers: ( (
802.11 space:, gw Normal users, gw WAVEsec users
SMTP relays: (
Local www/http:
Local ftp:
LPR (BSD, Linux, Mac) printer spool (paper, single sided only):, queue "lp", manufacturer "Generic"
MS-Windows(tm), SMB printer spool (paper, single sided only):
HTTP, ftp proxies:
    not needed

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