How to Request a New Working Group Mailing List at the IETF

This page is only for use to request a Working Group mailing list. Please do not use these instructions to request any other mailing list (for example, for a new discussion topic or to support a BoF). For instructions on how to request a non-WG mailing list, please refer to

To create a new WG email list at

The working group chair should fill out this template, and send it to (when the WG has been approved by IESG):


(0) Your (requestor's) full name and email address:

(1) List name (often <WGACRONYM>
Note: Mailman does not support the renaming of mail lists, so please choose the list name very carefully. In order to rename a Mailman list, the Secretariat must create a new list and migrate the subscribers and archives over. This process can result in data loss as Mailman occasionally encounters issues with the re-import of the archives.

The renaming of mail lists is also prohibited because it breaks the URLs of the list archives at

(2) Provide a short description of the email list. This description is used when the mailing list is listed with other mailing lists, or in headers, and so forth. It should be as succinct as you can get it, while still identifying what the list is. For example, "Media Gateway Control working group discussion list".

(3) Provide a longer description of the email list (for example, "This list is for discussions relating to the development, clarification, and implementation of the media gateway control protocol defined in
RFC 3015 (and ITU-T Recommendation H.248). Standardization related to this protocol is carried out jointly by the IETF Megaco Working Group and ITU-T Stydy Group 16 Question 3.")

(4) Who are the list Administrators? (usually email addresses of the WG chairs)

(5) Initial list member(s):

(6) Provide a welcome message for initial subscriber(s) (optional):

(7) Provide a welcome message for new subscriber(s) (optional):

(8) What steps are required for subscription?
[ ] Confirm (RECOMMENDED)
[ ] Approve
[ ] Confirm + Approve

(9) Messages to this list can be posted by:
[ ] List members only (RECOMMENDED)
[ ] Anyone

(10) Do postings need to be approved by an administrator?
[ ] Yes

(11) Provide specific information about how to access and move the
existing archive (optional):

To move an existing WG email list to

The working group chair should fill out the template above, and send it to

To close an existing WG email list at

Send an email to an appropriate Area Director, specifying which list should be closed and why, and ask him/her to forward the approved request to