Liaisons are managed by the Internet Architecture Board (IAB). In keeping with the general style of the IETF, liaison relationships are kept as informal as possible. Formal communication, when necessary, is in the form of liaison statements.  In addition, individual participants of the IETF may be appointed by the IAB to serve as liaison managers or representatives to other organizations by the IAB.

Establishing a liaison relationship can provide the framework for ongoing communications to:

  • Prevent inadvertent duplication of effort, without obstructing either organization from pursuing its own mandate
  • Provide authoritative information of one organization’s dependence on the other’s work

For more information about the procedures that govern IETF liaisons, please see RFC 4052 “IAB Liaison Management” and RFC 4053 (BCP 103) “Procedures for Handling Liaison Statements to and from the IETF.”

Liaison statements should be sent to