Working Group Email Lists

As stated in Section 2.2, "Charter," of RFC 2418, "IETF Working Group Guidelines and Procedures," each working group must have a general discussion Internet mailing list (e-mail list) where most of its work is conducted. Information on how to subscribe to an IETF working group e-mail list, as well as the location of the e-mail list archives, can be found on the Web page for that working group. Access to the Web pages for all active IETF working groups is available on the "Active IETF Working Groups" Web page.

Hosting a Working Group E-mail List at IETF.ORG

Although there is no requirement that working group e-mail lists be hosted by the IETF Secretariat, the Secretariat will create a working group e-mail list if requested to do so by the cognizant Area Director, or by the Working Group Chair with the approval of the cognizant Area Director. The Secretariat will also move a working group e-mail list from an existing domain to at the request of the Working Group Chair.

A Web-based tool is available for requesting that an e-mail list be hosted at the domain. The tool allows the user to enter all of the information required by the Secretariat to create or move an e-mail list, and to request and obtain approval for the e-mail list, if required. To request that a new e-mail list be created at or that an existing e-mail list be moved to please click on "Request an E-mail List" below.

Request an E-mail List

Please note that while the Secretariat hosts working group e-mail lists, it does not maintain them. Each working group e-mail list hosted by the Secretariat must have an administrator who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the list.

The Secretariat uses Mailman, the GNU mailing list manager, for managing e-mail discussion lists. Mailman provides a Web-based front end for list administrators and a separate one for list members. For more information on Mailman, please visit the following links:

Working Group E-mail List Archives

The Secretariat maintains text and html-based archives for all working group e-mail lists hosted at In those cases where the lists are housed elsewhere, the Secretariat attempts to maintain duplicate sets of text archives, with the messages for each working group stored in a separate subdirectory. To ensure that a copy of each message is recorded in the archives, or supplemental archives, maintained by the Secretariat, Section 2.2 of RFC 2418 specifies that each working group mailing list must include the address:

The Secretariat text archives are located at

A list of the html-based mailing list archives can be found at Web-based Working Group E-mail Archives. This list includes html-based archives that are housed at the Secretariat as well as those that are housed elsewhere if the URL is included in the working group charter. The html-based e-mail archives that are housed at the Secretariat are handled via MHonArc. For more information on MHonArc, please visit the MHonArc Web site.