IETF Non-WG Mailing Lists

This page attempts to list all the active, publicly visible lists that are considered to be related to the IETF, but are not the main list of any working group, in alphabetical order by list name.

It includes lists that are for discussion of particular topics, lists that have belonged to former working groups but are still active, lists that are specified in the registration rules of some parameter registry as "for review," and others of less clear classification.

Mail sent to all these lists is considered an IETF "Contribution" as defined in RFC 5378, Section 1 (see also the NOTE WELL statement).

To add a list, or to update or delete an existing entry, please send an email to an appropriate Area Director for approval, and ask him/her to forward the approved request to When adding a list, please provide the following information:

Note: Mailman does not support the renaming of mail lists, so please choose the list name very carefully. In order to rename a Mailman list, the Secretariat must create a new list and migrate the subscribers and archives over. This process can result in data loss as Mailman occasionally encounters issues with the re-import of the archives.

The renaming of mail lists is also prohibited because it breaks the URLs of the list archives at

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  • The name of the list
  • The URL or email address of the list
  • The name(s) and email address(es) of the list administrator(s)
  • A summary description of the list to be included in the table on this page
  • A more detailed explanation of the purpose of the list to be included on the mailman page and sent in the announcement of the list that is sent to thecommunity
  • The IETF Area to which the list belongs
  • The URL or other instructions for subscribing to the list

The following types of lists SHOULD be added:

  • Directorates (see also the list of directorates)
  • Review lists specified in IANA procedures
  • Lists of former WGs that wish to remain active
  • Lists that are created with the intent to form a working group (with AD approval)
  • Lists that are created for a subtask of a working group

The following types of lists SHOULD NOT be added:

These guidelines are intended to make the list useful and easy to maintain. This list is maintained by the IETF Secretariat. The guidelines are set by the IESG.

The archives of concluded IETF non-WG lists may be found here.


List Name List Administrator(s) Purpose Area To Subscribe
6tisch-security -- Extended Design Team for 6TiSCH security architecture , This is a limited list that is used to support talks on 6TiSCH security architecture by Design Team members and extended Consulting Tea.
abnf-discuss General discussion about tools, activities and capabilities involving 
the ABNF meta-language
acme-- Automated Certificate Management Environment, Automated Certificate Management Environment sec
ACTN -- Abstraction and Control of Transport Networks,,, Discussion of Abstraction and Control of Transport Networks (ACTN) rtg
ADSLMIB, Discussion of ADSL MIB (former WG list) ops
Aeon -- Application Enabled Open Networking Discussion list for Application Enabled Open Networking (AEON), which
proposes communication of flow characteristics between application and network elements.
AgentX -- SNMP Agent Extensibility Former WG SNMP Agent Extensibility ops
ANCP -- Access Node Control Protocol mailing list,
This is the mailing list for the former ANCP (Access Node Control Protocol) working group. int
antitrust-policy Discuss the need for an antitrust or competition policy for the IETF. If the consensus is to create one, then the content of that policy will be discussed as well gen
appsdir -- Apps Area Review List,,
Discussion list for the Applications Area Directorate app
arcmedia Discussion of creating a new top-level media type, "archive", for
archive bundles.
BFD YANG Design Team, Discussion list for the BFD YANG Design Team rtg
bier-- Bit Indexed Explicit Replication Standardization related to RFC 3015 (and ITU-T Recommendation H.248) protocol is carried out jointly by the IETF Megaco Working Group and ITU-T Stydy Group 16 Question 3.")This list is for discussions relating to the development, clarification, and implementation of the bit indexed explicit replication architecture, components, and use-cases in preparation to the upcoming BoF.
bliss -- Basic Level of Interoperability for SIP Services Mailing list for Basic Level of Interoperability for SIP Services (BLISS) rai
CalDAV (Calendar repository access over WebDAV) To discuss the CalDAV proposal for accessing calendar repositories with a WebDAV-based protocol, and to progress it towards some kind ... app
Captive Portals, Discussion of Captive Portal current practice, with an eye towards encouraging alignment in behaviour app
cbor -- Concise Binary Object Representation A summary description of the list to be included in the table on this page:
Discussion of issues, usage, implementation, etc, about Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR), RFC 7049.
CGA-based Security discussion list The cgasec list is a non-WG (or pre-WG) mailing list used to discuss how CGAs can be used to provide secure CGA-based access control across a multi-hop network, such as the Internet int
charter-tool The IETF intends to provide a new tool to Area Directors for the creation, re-chartering, and closing of Working Groups. The tool will also allow the IETF community to view the status of the chartering process. This list is for the discussion of the proposed tool gen

This list is for discussions relating to the development, clarification,
and implementation of a common programming interface to high assurance
cryptographic modules
cnit -- Calling Name Identity Trust
Calling Name Identity Trust discussion list rai
CodeMatch, Discussion forum for the planning, coordination, and development of
coman -- Management of Constrained Networks and Devices,
This list is for the discussion related to the management of constrained networks and devices. ops
The list will serve as the discussion list for expert review of registrations for CORE-related parameters. app
Cose -- Constrained Object Signing and Encryption, A summary description of the list to be included in the table on this page: This mailing list is used to discuss COSE (Constrained Object Signing and Encryption) related topics. sec
Discussion of the Concentric Sky / ID Submission Tool Project details gen
cuss -- Call Control UUI for SIP
Discussions relating to the definition of a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) mechanism for transporting call-control related user-to-user information (UUI) between User Agents. rai
datatracker-rqmts The IAOC is investigating a set of requirements for extending the IETF Datatracker to give individual IETF community members, including the IETF leadership, easy methods for tracking the progress of the Internet-Drafts of interest to them. This list is for the discussion of those requirements gen
Dbound -- DNS tree bounds, The purpose of this mailing list is to discuss issues surrounding the DNS name space, and to identify the cases in need of addressing, the necessary lines of work to address each case, and to determine whether there is sufficient interest and energy to set up a working group to complete that work. app
dccp -- Datagram Congestion Control Protocol,
Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP) tsv
dcon -- Distributed Conferencing BOF Discussion List

This list is for discussions relating to the potential setup of a new IETF working group devoted to Distributed Conferencing

detnet -- Discussions on Deterministic Networking,
Discussions on Deterministic Networking, characterized by 1) resource reservation; 2) 0 congestion loss and guaranteed latency; 3) over L2-only and mixed L2 and L3 networks; and 5) 1+1 replication/deletion. rtg
domainrep -- Domain Reputation discussion list,,
This list is for discussions relating to development and deployment of domain reputation evaluation and communication, a natural offshoot of the work done by the DKIM working group but specifically outside of its charter. app
dsfjdssdfsd, The dsfjdssdfsd list provides a venue for discussion of randomness in IETF protocols, for example related to updating RFC 4086
dir-coord This is an e-mail alias for the organisers of IETF directorates. The alias can be used to request early reviews, for instance. gen
Diversity design team mailing list gen
Diversity design team private mailing list gen
dnsext -- DNS Extensions discussion list,
This list is for discussion relevant to the DNS, including alterations and updates to the DNS protocol. int
DNS Privacy Discussion, This list is for the discussion of the problem statement
surrounding the addition of privacy to the DNS protocol.
doc-dt -- Diameter Overload Control Design Team
This list is for Diameter Overload Control design team discussions. ops
domainrep -- Domain Reputation
Discussions relating to development and deployment of domain reputation evaluation and communication, a natural offshoot of the work done by the DKIM working group but specifically outside of its charter app
dots, List for discussion of DDoS Open Threat Signaling (DOTS) technology and directions.
dsii -- Data Set Identifier Interoperability

This list will be focused on the persistent identification of 
data sets that are shared. The first topic of discussion is expected to be permanent identifiers for data sets

EAI Design Team WG Chairs and editors for the EAI WG app Not Applicable
edu-discuss -- IETF Education Discussion,
IETF Education Discussion This is an open list for discussion of the IETF's internal educational programs gen
edu-team -- IETF Education Team,
IETF Education Team This is the mailing list for the IETF Education Team, responsible for the IETF's internal education efforts gen
endymail, This mailing list provides an
IETF venue for discussion of elements that the IETF could do to aid in achieving better end-to-end security
deployed for Internet email.
Fecframe -- Discussion of FEC Framework,
Discussion of FEC protocol framework tsv
fmc -- Fixed Mobile Convergence,
The purpose of this list is the focused discussion on the issues surrounding the interactions of fixed and mobile networks int
forces --
Forwarding and Control Element Separation,
For discsussion of Forwarding and Control Element Separation (forces) rtg
fun -- FUture home Networking;;

Mailing list for proposed working group on FUture home Networking (FUN) int
Geopriv -- Geographic Location/Privacy As more and more resources become available on the Internet, some applications need to acquire geographic location information about certain resources or entities. These applications include navigation, emergency services, management of equipment in the field, and other location-based services. rai
Gen-Art -- General Area Review Team,,,
Posting and discussion of General Area Review Team reviews. Only the team members are subscribed gen
happiana -- IANA Registry Happiness, Discussion about streamlining and improving IETF (and other SDO)
interfaces to IANA registration processes
hops Discussion of measurement of middlebox impact on end-to-end protocol functionality and deployability. tsv
Discussion about operation,
deployment and testing of HTTP. Discussion of the protocol itself should be on
I2nsf -- Interface to Network Security Functions, I2NSF: Interface to Network Security Functions mailing list
ibnemo Discussion of Nemo, an intent-based North Bound (NB) interface
consisting of an application protocol running over HTTP (RESTful
interfaces) to exchange intent-based primitives between applications
and meta-controllers controlling virtual network resources (networks,
storage, CPU).
Discussion of a possible updated version of the IDNA specification, as applicable for domain name components app
The Internet Engineering Steering Group mailing list. Closed list, but anyone who wishes to contact the IESG can send mail ... gen Not Applicable
iesg-agenda-dist This is a public list for informational distribution of IESG agendas only. It is not a discussion list, so posting ... gen
IETF Discussion List General discussion of IETF matters. See RFC 3005 gen
IETF Message Headers,
This list is used for discussion of message header field names used by Internet mail, HTTP, newsgroup feeds, and other ... app
ietf-822 Discussion of issues related to Internet Message Format [RFC 822,
RFC 2822, RFC 5322]
ietf-charsets Review of charset registrations. See RFC 2978 app Send an e-mail message to
ietf-languages Review of language tag registrations, and language tag issues. See RFC 3066. While the current RFC is 4646, which obsoleted ... app Send an e-mail message to
ietf-liaisons To provide a list to support current IETF liaisons to external bodies to communicate with the IESG and IAB. This ... gen Not Applicable
ietf-madman Discussion of the mail and directory management MIBs app Send an e-mail message to
ietf-nntp IETF drafts related to NNTP (RFC 3977) app
This mailing list is a relocation of the mailing list used by the (now-concluded)NomCom working group, and reopened for discussion ... None
ietf-privacy -- Internet Privacy Discussion List Issues related to privacy that cut across multiple groups and areas. The initial goal of this discussion is to investigate privacy and related identity management terminology...
ietf-sailors Discussion list to plan sailing events collocated with IETF meetings, usually on the weekends immediately before or after an IETF. ... tsv
ietf-smtp Discussion of issues related to Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
(SMTP) [RFC 821, RFC 2821, RFC 5321]
IMA -- EAI (Email Address Internationalization),
Discussion of issues related to IEE (Internationalized Email and Extensions),focusing on solve the problem of IMA (Internationalized eMail Address) app
imapext -- Discussion of IMAP extensions
Discussion of IMAP extensions app
int-dir,, This list is for discussion between the members of the
Internet Area directorate.
Discussion of the IOLA / DB Schema Conversion Tool Project gen
Discussion of the IOLA / IESG Tracker Project details gen
Discussion of the IOLA / RFC-Ed and IANA Tracker State Sync Project gen
Discussion of the IOLA / WG Charter Tool Project gen
Iot-dir, Mailing list for the IoT Directorate int
List for discussions about IP Flow eXport, including the IPFIX RFCs and Drafts, possible new developments of IPFIX or ways to use it, and/or to encourage IPFIX's use and devlopment. ops
ipr-announce This mailing list is for anyone who wants to be notified when new IPR disclosures are uploaded to the IETF website
Discussion list for IPR-related procedures of the IETF standards process None
The Internet Calendar Scheduling Protocol (iSchedule) is a binding from the iCalendar Transport-independent Interoperability Protocol (iTIP) to the Hypertext Transfer ... None
its--Intelligent Transportation Systems,
This list is for discussions relative to the use of Internet communication protocols in Intelligent Transportation Systems int
IUCG - Internet Users Contributing Group list for the IUCG (internet users contributing group) a group to interface lead and end users's architectural, engineering, market and ... gen
jose-reg-review, The JSON Web Algorithm standard (RFCXXXX) establishes this
email list for designated experts to discuss proposed changes,
additions, and removals to the set of algorithms in the JSON Object
Signing and Encryption (JOSE) registry,
json -- JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) mailing list, JavaScript Object Notation app
jwt-reg-review, Expert review of proposed IANA registrations for JSON Web Token
(JWT) claims.
karp -- Discussion list for key management for routing and transport protocols
This list is intended to support a broad range of discussions regarding cryptographic key management in Internet routing and transport protocols. While this topic has been raised in other venues, such as the kmart BOF held at IETF 71, a new email list supporting participants from the Security, Routing, Operations & Management, and Transport Areas was needed to focus this discussion. rtg
l2vpn -- Layer 2 Virtual Private Networks,
Layer 2 Virtual Private Networks rtg
laminar -- TCP algorithm refactoring discussion list This list is for discussing the Laminar TCP and how to proceed with it, through new or existing working groups in the IETF and/or IRTF. It is also intended for technical discussion of Laminar and refactoring of TCP algorithms in general tsv
Lime-oam-model, This mailing list facilitates communication among the LIME WG OAM Model Design Team.
RFC 5988 expert review app
lln-futures -- Lossy Link Networks Futures Lossy Link Networks Futures topic and charter items discussion list int
lucid IAB has recently issued a statement about issues found by the use of some class of code points in the IDNA protocol and also applies to any identifier. The IAB expects that the IETF investigate ways to address this problem. This mailing list is the place to discuss this issue. app
maitai -- Multi-stream Attributes for Improving Telepresence Application Interoperability,
Discussions pertaining to the issues involved in handling multiple streams of media for telepresence conferences. Not for discussion of charter of proposed working group rai

martini -- Discussion of en-mass SIP PBX registration mechanisms;

Discussion of en-mass SIP PBX registration mechanisms

MCIC --Multiparty Content Integrity and Confidentiality The aim of this group it do design an object security architecture able to provide a better security but also more flexible security services than strict end-to-end encryption. sec
Media-feature-tags -- discussion of media feature tags,
Discussion of media feature tags app
media-types -- IANA mailing list for reviewing Media Type (MIME Type, Content Type) registration requests,
IANA mailing list for reviewing Media Type (MIME Type, Content Type) registration requests app
MEDIACTRL -- Media Control Discussion List,
Discussion list for the Media Control activity. Media Control defines a client-server protocol for media servers (MRF in 3GPP parlance) to offer media services to clients, such as application servers (AS in 3GPP parlance). rai
mib-doctors -- MIB Doctors list IETF OPS Area MIB Doctors list ops
MIF Architecture Design Team mailing list int
modern This list is for discussion of systems required to support the management
of telephone numbers after traditional telephone functions have migrated to
the Internet.
mpls-review -- MPLS Review,,

The MPLS working group co-chairs have put together a review team, to review documents related to the MPLS working group rtg
multimob -- Multicast Mobility, This is a list to discuss interactions between multicast and mobility. int
nbs -- Name based sockets
Name based sockets discussion list int
nethistory -- Matching net historical materials with institutions that may preserve them

Development of directories, guides and materials related to the
history of the Internet
NSaaS -- Network Security as a Service,
Network Security as a Service (NSaaS) mailing list is for discussing topics related to protocols (or the interface) and architectures for "Requesters" to negotiate the network security related functions, that are not physically present at Requesters’ premises, as well as the associated attributes. sec
nscp -- DNS Nameserver control/configuration protocol discussion DNS Nameserver control/configuration protocol discussion list ops
Expert review of proposed IANA registrations for the OAuth protocol (RFC 6749) and for OAuth protocol extensions sec
Discussion of communications obscurity and real-time communications rai
openpgp -- OpenPGP Discussion Ongoing discussion of OpenPGP issues app
openv6,, Discussion of an open interface and a programmable platform to support various IPv6 applications, which may include IPv6 transition technologies, SAVI (Source Address Validation and Traceback), security, data center and etc. This discussion will focus on the problem space, use case and possible protocol extensions.
O&M Area discussion list ops
O&M Directorate ops
O&M Network Management List ops
Discussion of the tipics related to Peer to Peer Infrastructure None
Closed list for use by program committee workshop related to Peer to Peer Infrastructure None

The perpass list is for discussion of the privacy properties
of IETF protocols and concrete ways in which those could be
plasma -- The PoLicy Augmented S/Mime (plasma) bof discussion list,
The PoLicy Augmented S/Mime (plasma) bof discussion list sec
pkix -- Public-Key Infrastructure (X.509),
Public-Key Infrastructure (X.509) sec
pm-dir -- Performance Metrics Directorate Discussion list Discussions relating to the development, clarification, and documentation of performance metrics in the IETF (and IRTF) according to RFC 6390 ops
pntaw -- Discussion list for practices related to proxies, NATs, TURN, and WebRTC,,

This mailing list will discuss how webrtc clients, proxies, NATs and TURN servers interact. rai
pop3ext Discussion of extensions and updates to Post Office Protocol (POP3)
posh -- Discussion about PKIX Over Secure HTTP Discussion about PKIX Over Secure HTTP, a method for secure delegation of application services and retrieval of end-entity certificates over HTTPS sec
Pppext -- PPP Extensions Discussion of PPP extensions int
Provisioning Registry Protocol dicussion list To discuss the EPP protocol exchange practical experiences by implementors app Send an e-mail message to with "subscribe" in the message
rai -- Real-time Applications and Infrastructure;;
General discussion for topics in the Real-time Applications and Infrastructure Area rai
renum -- Renumbering discussion mailing list,
Site renumbering is sometimes unavoidable, but remains very hard and impractical for most sites (see RFC 5887). This list is for discussion of how to improve IP address renumbering mechanisms. ops
rfc-editor-rfi Community discussion on the draft RFC Editor RFI None
rfc-interest To facilitate community discussion on the RFC series and to make suggestions about RFC Editor functions None
rfc-markdown, Rfc-markdown is a discussion list for people writing I-Ds and RFCs in Markdown and the authors of the tools used for that.
Rmt -- Reliable Multicast Transport, To enable continued discussion among people that are implementing or using protocols developed by the RMT working group. tsv
Rtg-dir -- Routing Area Directorate,,,
Routing Area Directorate rtg
rtg-dt-encap-considerations, Routing Area Design Team on Encapsulation Considerations discussion list
rtg-yang-coord,, Coordination of YANG models for Routing rtg
Saag -- Security Area Advisory Group;
Security Area Advisory Group sec
salud -- Sip ALerting for User Devices Sip ALerting for User Devices discussion list rai
sami -- State Migration Discussion of Virtual Machine(VM) migration
without disruption to running applications and security, service state associated with the specific migrating VM needs to be migrated too
By administrator approval.

Secauth -- Omni-purpose Network-layer based Secure Authentication non-working group discussion list This list is for the discussions relating to using the IP layer as a means of authentication in other upper layers, especially the application layer, by considering both security and privacy on one hand and performance on the other hand. sec
SecDir -- Security Directorate,,

Security Directorate sec  
Subscriptions are normally limited to security area WG chairs and individuals who help with document reviews, but the archives are public.
shara -- Sharing of an IPv4 This list is for discussions relating to the definition of a model, problems, and benefits of shared, port restricted, IPv4 ... None
siesta -- SessIon layEr SecuriTy Approach discussion list,

Session Layer Security Approach discussion list sec
simple SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions rai
sip-clf -- SIP Common Log File format discussion list,
Discuss the technical aspects of the SIP Common Log File (CLF) format rai
slim -- Selection of Language for Internet Media This list is for discussion of mechanisms to present and select human
language options for Internet applications.
Smart Object Directorate For use by members of the Smart Power Directorate gen
Smart Object Interest;
Open discussion related to the Internet protocols in Smart Power gen
solace -- Smart Object Lifecycle Architecture for Constrained Environments Smart Object Lifecycle Architecture for Constrained Environments discussion list
sop -- Service Orchestration and Desciption for Cloud Services,
This mailing lists is for discussing protocols, data
formats and server descriptions formats that allow cloud services to be discovered and used across private and public domains
spf-discuss Discussion of issues related to the Sender Policy Framework (SPF, RFC 4408) app
Spud -- Session Protocol Underneath Datagrams,,
The deployment of new transport protocols as well as the extension of existing IETF-defined transport protocols faces the continuing challenge of how to make these protocols robust against packet and flow modification in the Internet at the hands of middleboxes. tsv
This list will discuss SSH key management practices. The starting
point will be to consider what to do with draft-ylonen-sshkeybcp
ssw-agenda-tool -- Discussion of the IETF Agenda Scheduling Tool Project
Discussion of the IETF Agenda Scheduling Tool Project gen
Supa -- Shared Unified Policy Automation,, This list is to discuss SUPA (Shared Unified Policy Automation)
related issues.
tao-discuss Discussion of the Tao of the IETF gen
tcmtf -- Tunneling Compressed Multiplexed Traffic Flows Tunneling Compressed Multiplexed Traffic Flows (TCMTF) discussion list tsv

A discussion of proposals that have been developed in response to recent attacks on the Internet security infrastructure, in particular those
that affected sites using TLS and other protocols relying
on PKI. Discussion on how they might result in potential work items for the IETF

tig-diagnostics This mailing list will be used by a Technical Interest Group (TIG) dedicated to IP diagnostic tools and the protocol machinery that supports them ops
tofoo Discussion list for Tunneling over Foo (with)in IP networks (TOFOO).
This list is for the discussion of Trust Routers. Trust Routers are
used to construct multi-hop Application Bridging for Federated Authentication Beyond the Web (ABFAB) federations, without the requirement for a centralized Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
A mailing list for discussions on topics pertinent to the IETF Transport Area tsv
tsv-art -- Transport Area Review Team, Transport Area Review Team tsv
Mailing list for the Transport Area Directorate in the IETF tsv
unbearable, This list is for discussion of proposals for doing better than bearer tokens (e.g. HTTP cookies, OAuth tokens etc.) for web applications. The specific goal is chartering a WG focused on preventing security token export and replay attacks. sec
URI mailing list This mailing list is used to discuss updates to the URI standards and processes. It was originally the mailing list ... app
Uri-review -- Proposed URI Schemes Proposed URI Schemes app
URN-NID -- discussion of new namespace identifiers for URNs,

Discussion of new namespace identifiers for URNs app
usefor -- usefor discussion Ongoing discussion of usefor issues app
video-codec -- Video codec BoF discussion list

This list is for dicussions relating to the potential setup of a new IETF
working group devoted to standardizing a video codec
Videomgmt This mail list is created to discover industry interest in the creation of SNMP MIBs to manage broadcast and production ... ops
vmeet -- IETF remote participation meeting services discussion

This mail list will be used to explore, specify and develop improved services for remotely participating in IETF meetings.

Discussion list for virtual network function resource pooling. tsv
vot -- Vectors of Trust discussion list, The list is for discussion of a common set of baseline "vectors of trust": common, orthogonal aspects of organization, technology and policy that help to determine the level of assurance that can be placed in a deployment of digital identity technology. sec

This mailing list will be used to discuss requirements and solutions
for establishing end-to-end IP connectivity through through
VPNs for data center and cloud services
w3c-policy -- discussion of w3c-ietf policy issues,
Discussion of w3c-ietf policy issues app

Discussion of the Webfinger protocol proposal in the Applications Area app
wellknown-uri-review mnot@ This list is for the review and discussion of new and existing Well-Known URIs app
wgchairs The wgchairs mailing list is for discussion by WG Chairs, Secretaries, the IESG, the IAB and BOF Chairs on any IETF related topic. Although only those listed above may subscribe, the mailing list has a public archive. If you wish to post to this list or have been asked to by a WG Chair, please send an email to gen Not Applicable
wgguide, Discuss revisions of IETF Working Group Guidelines and Procedures
RFC, based on draft-crocker-rfc2418bis-wgguidelines.
Discussion of the XML format for RFCs defined in RFC 2629 as well as tools used to process this format gen
XML2RFC developer's discussion
1. Discussion about particulars of xml2rfc development and code.
2. General discussion of the xml2rfc and related tools, DTDs,
RFCs, etc.
3. Address for issues with the xml2rfc website
xml-mime Discussion of XML media types and issues relating to their use in MIME.
Discussion of the Yaco / Community ID Tracking and Notification Project gen
yaco-idsubmit-tool -- Discussion of the Yaco / I-D Submission Tool Project
Discussion of the Yaco / I-D Submission Tool Project gen
Discussion of the Yaco / Liaison Statement Management Tool Project details gen
Discussion of the Yaco / Nomcom Project  gen
yaco-wgchair-tracker -- Discussion of the Yaco / WG Chairs' and Authors' Tracker Project
Discussion of the Yaco / WG Chairs' and Authors' Tracker Project gen
Yang-coord -- The YANG Model Coordination Group The YANG Model Coordination Group, which reports to the Operations and Management AD that is responsible for the YANG Model work, has the following high level mission: Help with the development and coordination of the numerous YANG models within the IETF, and the promotion of YANG modeling in the industry. ops
yang-doctors -- email list of the yang-doctors directorate Email list of the yang-doctors directorate ops