Old Liaison Information

ITU-T SG and WP Liaisons

The agreement for ITU-IETF interworking (RFC 2436) does not require designated representatives to conduct regular business; most interactions occur directly at the WG (or WP) level). Representatives are designated for specific ITU-T-related meetings when that seems appropriate, but only for one meeting or sequence of meetings.

Current and recent representatives are:

SG2 WP1/2 meeting, Berlin, October 2000: Patrik Faltstrom and Richard Shockey
SG11 Meeting, September 9-13, 2002: Allison Mankin and Jon Peterson

CN1#18 Dean Willis
SA1#13 Ron Chambers

ITU IP/Optical Workshop July 9-11 in Chitose, Japan: Bert Wijnen
SG 16 meeting, Geneva, October 2003: Avri Doria

SG 13 Joint Rapporteurs' Group meeting for Next Generation Networking,
Geneva, January 12-15, 2004: Adrian Farrel

Q14/15 Interim Meeting, February 16-20, 2004, Chicago, USA: Adrian Farrel

SG 15 Meeting Geneva, 19-30 April 2004: Adrian Farrel

Workshop on "End-to-End QoE/QoS," Geneva, June 14-16 2006: Dave Oran

Global Standards Collaboration Meeting Liaison

GSC-8, Ottawa Canada, January 2003: Scott Bradner
GSC-9, Seoul Korea, May 2004: Hiroshi Esaki
GSC-11, Chicago USA, May/June 2006: Scott Bradner