IESG Statements on Technical Issues

These messages represent the IESG's best effort to deal with specific issues that have come up from time to time and are not meant to be a way for the IESG to revise the established IETF processes. If at any time someone feels that one or more of these messages represents a misunderstanding of the intent of the relevant RFCs the issue should be taken to the IESG mailing list for discussion.

Date Posted IESG Statement
2012-10-25 IESG Statement on Ethertypes
2008-03-03 IESG Statement on Registration Requests for URIs Containing Telephone Numbers
2008-02-27 IESG Statement on RFC3406 and URN Namespaces Registry Review
2007-07-05 Experimental Specification of New Congestion Control Algorithms
2003-02-11 IESG Statement on IDN

Establishment of Temporary Sub-IP Area

NOTE: This statement formed the Sub-IP Area, and this Area has subsequently been closed.

2000-12-06 Plans to Organize "Sub-IP" Technologies in the IETF
2000-11-20 A New IETF Work Area

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