IESG Statements on Meetings

These messages represent the IESG's best effort to deal with specific issues that have come up from time to time and are not meant to be a way for the IESG to revise the established IETF processes. If at any time someone feels that one or more of these messages represents a misunderstanding of the intent of the relevant RFCs the issue should be taken to the IESG mailing list for discussion.

Date Posted IESG Statement
2010-05-24 IESG Statement on NomCom Eligibility and Day Passes
2008-09-02 Guidance on Interim Meetings, Conference Calls and Jabber Sessions

Guidance on Interim IETF Working Group Meetings and Conference Calls

NOTE: This IESG Statement is superseded by the IESG Statement "Guidance on Interim Meetings, Conference Calls and Jabber Sessions" dated 2 September 2008.

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