Page last updated 2 June 2017

The list below shows the directorates presently identified in the IETF. A directorate is defined in RFC 2418 in the following way:

In many areas, the Area Directors have formed an advisory group or directorate.  These comprise experienced members of the IETF and the technical community represented by the area.  The specific name and the details of the role for each group differ from area to area, but  the primary intent is that these groups assist the Area Director(s), e.g., with the review of specifications produced in the area.

Some directorates cover a whole area. Some directorates are focused on a specific technology. Where the item below is a link, it is a pointer to the membership of the directorate. These member lists are maintained by the relevant area directors. The pages may also contain more information.

Applications and Real-Time Area

General Area

Internet Area

Operations & Management Area

Routing area

Security area

Transport area

Other, non-area directorates

  • (none at present)