Internet Draft Signatures

The previously-implemented Internet Draft Signing system has been suspended. A recently-discovered series of bugs in OpenSSL means that, in many cases, previously-created internet signatures could not pass verification. We are currently in talks with the OpenSSL authors, and are working together to create a solution which will work universally, and properly.

Once such a solution is available, new signatures will be genereated, draft signing will resume, and new verificationinstructions will be posted here. Until that time, draft signing has been permanently halted.

We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to the resumption of signature creation and support as soon as the tools for such activities exist.

NOTE WELL: The IETF, AMS (the IETF Secretariat), and other related bodies can not provide technical support to end users with respect to the use of OpenSSL, the validation of digital signatures, or any other type of desktop support.  The presence of draft signatures and public certificates on this website does not imply any type of support service availability. Users needing assistance in configuring or using OpenSSL, or solving computer problems of any kind should contact their own IT personnel, the many reference materials for OpenSSL and/or other encryption tools available elsewhere, or a professional paid computer support service.