The IETF Process: an Informal Guide


This document is an informal guide to various IETF process documents, intended mainly to assist IETF participants in navigating the labyrinth. It may be out of date when you read it, if new documents have appeared recently. Please refer to the various RFCs, IESG Statements, or discuss with Working Group chairs or Area Directors for official guidance.


  • Date: 2015-08-25
  • Document editor: Brian Carpenter
  • Discussion forum:

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

BCP 9 (RFC 2026) has been the basis for the IETF standards process for many years. However, many other process documents exist, some of which are partial updates to BCP 9. This situation is complicated, so the present document offers a structured way of looking at the official documents. It may be out of date when you read it, if new official documents have appeared recently.

It is difficult to linearise a complicated and interlocked process. This document presents a guide in one particular order, but that is not intended to imply priority or importance, and it cannot capture all interactions between components.

Formally, IETF processes are described in Best Current Practices (BCPs) published as RFCs. Many of the RFCs mentioned below are BCPs. RFC numbers have been used rather than BCP numbers, for convenient lookup. To avoid any accidental ambiguity, this guide does not attempt to paraphrase or summarize their contents; the reader should consult the original RFCs.

2. The guide

2.1. General description of workflow in the IETF

No single document formally covers this topic, although the Tao of the IETF (<>) offers most of it informally:

  • How ideas for new work enter the IETF
  • How they reach a BOF (Birds of a Feather meeting)
  • How they enter formal discussion and possibly become material for a new or existing Working Group.
  • How WGs are chartered and managed - the WG Chair's and Area Director's roles.
  • How specific proposals become drafts and flow through the development, review and approval process

2.2. Definition of standards track and related document types

The main document is
Numerous documents have amended this one, and some have been amended or replaced in their turn. All these amendments are reflected below. A very significant change was introduced in 2011, reducing the standards track to two maturity levels:
Consolidated lists of standards documents used to published as RFCs, but this is no longer the case; the information is on line at <>.
Additional requirements for routing protocols were previously defined in RFC 1264, but this is now obsolete. It should be noted that practice and interpretation have grown around the documented rules; the Tao (<>) is helpful in this respect.

  • Technical Specifications
    These are described in RFC 2026 as amended by RFC 6410, covering standards track, BCP and Experimental documents. The STD (standard) designation is documented in
    Variance procedures for down-level normative references are in
    [RFC3967] and
    A specific process for advancing MIB documents is in
    A specific process for advancing metric documents is in
    Implementation status may be documented according to
  • Informational Material
    RFC 2026 also describes Informational and Historic documents. A distinction between obsolete and deprecated documents is not currently made in the IETF.

2.3. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

2.4. Review and approval process

The formal process is currently defined by two documents that must be read together:

2.5. Bodies involved in the process

The Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) is quite separate from the the IETF:

2.6. Conduct of participants

Conduct is also discussed in the Tao (<>) and in

2.7. Publication process

2.8. Parameter registration process (IANA)

2.9. Administration


2.10. Modifying the process

RFC 2026 defines how process BCPs are discussed and approved. An experimental procedure is described in
(Also see <>).

3. Acknowledgements

Useful comments on this document were made by: Harald Alvestrand, Scott Bradner, Spencer Dawkins, Leslie Daigle, John Klensin, Paul Hoffman, and others.

This document was produced using the xml2rfc tool defined in RFC 2629 .

4. Change log

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5. References

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